Kintonis Dipnos White Roditis 2019


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Bright lemon in color. Fresh blossoms and lemon notes on the nose, while in the mouth it is soft, with light and cool acidity and an aftertaste of citrus.

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Winery: Kintonis

Sold by the case of 6 bottles
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Kintonis Winery has worked for many years with selected vineyards and innovative wine growers in the area of Aigialeia. The wine-growing area around the slopes of Aigialeia extend to the northern side of the Peloponnese with a northern exposure. The vineyards, totalling 1100 hectares, are protected from the warm summer winds coming from the Mediterranean Sea and Africa by Mount Panachaiko and Mount Helmos. The altitude of the vineyards varies from 500-1050m.

Due to its northern exposure, the area is called the "Corinthian Balcony". The mild climate of the region is due to the existence of gorges with rich natural vegetation and small rivers flowing into the sea. Rainfall is quite common and there are significant day-to-night temperature differences, especially during the summer months, resulting in a gentle grape maturity. The terroir of the region, the efficient drainage and the cultivation techniques along with low yields create the perfect environment for the production of excellent grape quality and top quality wines.

Data sheet
Vintage 2019
Alcoholic strength 11%
Country Greece
Grapes Roditis 100%